ART | Automated Reporting Tool Demo

This tool creates insights in the quality and consistency of your COREP, FINREP and SE reports by performing the latest sets of EBA, DNB and additional validations. Moreover, it enables you to create the XBRL output that can be delivered to the regulator.

Disclaimer: Although the makers of the Automated Reporting Tool (ART) have made every effort to ensure accurate working of the software, they are not personally responsible for the presence of any errors or omissions, or for results obtained from the use of the model. The information contained in this model is solely intended to provide new insights and the user accepts full responsibility for its use or application in strategic decisions. Neither the makers of the software nor the organizations that they are affiliated to (PwC) will accept liability for errors made as a result of incorrect or incomplete information delivered by the user or another party. In no event will these organizations accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from improper use of ART by the user and third parties.